ODHS Programme: 2013-2014


1 October 2013 Judy Hill: The Poor and Sickness in the Early 19th Century

15 October James Stewart: City Builders of Central America

29 October Bernard Winchester: The Gordon Riots of 1780

12 November Peter Shipley: The Kaiser, the Tsar and Europe’s Last Emperors.

28 November Julie Wileman: Who were the Celts?

10 December Mary Alderton: Reindeer in the Snow & Christmas Party


7 January 2014 John Tolley: The Enclosure of the Waste.

21 January Brian McEvoy: The Accidental War – the Causes of World War I

4 February Roger Packham: A History of Cricket

18 February

4 March Mike Page: ‘The Most Wretched Man in the World’: the 5th Viscount Middleton.

18 March Annual General Meeting & Jim Farrell: Old Oxted